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The Premiere of our 2014 Reel and a Breakdown of our Rental Packages

Hello everyone! I know we recently updated the site with a bunch of new content just a few weeks ago, but the time has come for us to be able to officially show off what we've been up to in 2014. Check out our brand new MoVi Reel below:

Climbing Higher Pictures 2014 MoVi Reel. All footage was shot on our Freefly MoVi M10 with a variety of cameras.

Includes footage from:

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon - Rollerblading Promo Topps - Huddle/Kick Gatorade - Fierce Crobot - Nowhere to Hide Buffalo Picture House - NYCB Gala Presentation Barbarian Group - Introducing the Superdesk The Horse Thing - More Like Shrek (Coming Soon!) Climbing Higher Pictures - Alice

Now normally that would be enough of a site update in and of itself, but we've also recently put the finishing touches on an updated MoVi page. The Freefly press release has been removed, and replaced with this infographic that describes our two main rental packages and the equipment included with each.


We're looking forward to ending 2014 with a bang, and finding new and innovative ways to put our equipment to good use. Hope to see you on set in the very near future, and if you're interested in a quote, please check out our Contact page for more information.